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Small Quantity Publishing

For those who do not have time to learn desktop publishing software, Dreamsmith offers custom publishing services. Our specialty is book manuscripts including poetry, short stories, family genealogies, memorial books, and business manuals. We can take your manuscript from handwritten copy to finished product, or reformat your existing text. The services of our editor, proofreader and technical writers are available to help finalize your manuscript.

Technical Writing

Our writers specialize in occupational safety issues, but also branch out into other fields. If you need a document that is well written and communicates the message clearly and concisely, let us refer you to a qualified technical writer.


An ad on the radio says, "People judge you by the words you speak." People also judge you by the words you write -- if words are used incorrectly or overwhelm the reader without making the point, the message is lost. We offer rewriting and feedback. Our editors have experience working with writers for whom English is a second language.


Murphy's Law for writers: no matter how many times you reread, you can't catch all the typos. Our proofreader contracts with national magazines, has an eye for catching extra spaces and crooked lines, and will make corrections on your diskette or through e-mail.

If you are frustrated by all the errors you see on web pages when you're out surfing the Net, refer the webmaster(s) of offending page(s) to Dreamsmith. We proof online as well as on paper.



Last Updated November 9, 2008