Dreamsmith Ink

A Collection of Essays
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“Welcome to My Bubble”

“Monday Morning Melancholy”

A Freewrite

“Chicken Soup”

But Not for the Soul

“The Highlight of Bessie's Life”

Writing Exercise from a Photo

“Joe’s Christmas Story”

“Best Served Cold”

“What It’s Like to be Alone”

An Essay Dedicated to Noela and Laurel

“Walking with Grief”

A Personal Essay

Fictional Image of a Woman Drawing

“The Fortune Cookie”

“Food Is Love”

“Ode to Jim”

This is the second of two essays about my next-door neighbor, Jim, who was killed in a fire the night of May 7, 2022. Please read the other one, titled "Best Served Cold," before reading this one. This is posted with permission from the mother of Jim's grandchildren.

Waste Not Want Not

“Waste Not, Want Not”